The services provided by Delta Trans in the international transport sector use the latest computing technology and expanded fleet of over 200 units. Our vehicle stock (average age of 3 years) consists of road sets and trucks such as:

Our units meets the latest European requirements concerning technical and ecological aspects (EURO 5 and EURO 6 norms). Moreover, they are suitable for transport of ADR hazardous materials. Curtain vehicles have also customs certificates entitling to use customs bonds under TIR carnet.

Contacts with vehicles are enabled by the use of GSM phones and Global Positioning Satellite GPS system, which ensure that not only constant communication is provided but also a perfect monitoring system of the work of our drivers and route parameters are maintained.

Every shipment carried by our vehicles is covered by the carrier's liability insurance according to the provisions of the CMR convention, for the guarantee amount of $300,000. Regardless of that, there is a possibility to  conclude additional cargo insurance with our insurance company, which guarantees insurance security to full value of the property under transport.

International road transport contains in its scope all countries of Europe, and the countries of the European Union constitute the main direction of service and specialization of our company. Our comprehensive solutions and high quality are appreciated among the leaders of automotive and FMCG branches, for whom we realize everyday transport according to the "just in time" principle between Poland, EU countries, Switzerland and Turkey.

If you require any further information please contact:

Vehicles of loading capacity of 24 tons: 

tel.: +48 32 772 74 51, +48 32 772 74 96,
fax: +48 32 772 74 65

Vehicles of loading capacity up to 5.5:

tel.: +48 32 241 60 38
fax: +48 32 247 21 13