As one of the biggest logistics providers on the Polish market, the Delta Trans Group is consolidating its position by caring for quality, safety and the natural environment. We have implemented the PN-EN ISO 9001 quality management system and the PN-EN ISO 14001 environment management system. As a result of the implementation of these systems we have drawn up the Activity Policy of the "Delta Trans” Group of Companies, which obliges us to:

We have identified significant environmental aspects, which are regularly monitored and updated by designated people.

The most important environmental aspects of our activities:

  1. waste generation during the operation of vehicles (among others oil filters, tyres, oils and batteries) and during other activities (among others plastics and paper and wooden packaging);
  2. consumption of engine fuels;
  3. leaks of hazardous substances from a vehicle;
  4. leaks of hazardous substances in a warehouse;
  5. transport of hazardous substances;
  6. transport of waste;
  7. fire (among others of vehicles and warehouses);
  8. explosion (of gas cylinders or a petrol station);
  9. unsealing of a (heating or air-conditioning) system;
  10. liquid industrial wastes.

In order to reduce the impact of significant environmental aspects we have implemented, among others:

  1. selective waste collection;
  2. storage of hazardous substances and waste in appropriate containers in paved and roofed areas;
  3. handing over waste only to specialised companies for neutralisation/recycling;
  4. periodic driver trainings;
  5. systematic increase in the number of vehicles that meet EURO 5 emission standards;
  6. maintaining vehicles in a very good technical conditions;
  7. systematic servicing of vehicles;
  8. use of energy-saving tyres;
  9. appropriate preparation of vehicles for transport of hazardous substances;
  10. use of fire protection equipment (correct arrangement and certification of fire extinguishers);
  11. periodic assessment of explosion hazards;
  12. systematic inspections and cleaning of separators;
  13. systematic inspections of systems (among others heating and air-conditioning).

In order to satisfy legal requirements related to environment protection we have obtained appropriate permits and licences, among other for:

The validity of all licences and permits is constantly monitored