ISO Policy

POLICY of the Integrated Management System

of the “DELTA TRANS” Company Group



The purpose of the activity of the "Delta Trans” Company Group is to provide the Customer with comprehensive services and to maintain a high position among companies with a similar profile of activity through continuous investment in technical solutions, staff training and expansion of the range of services.


One of the pillars of stable, long-term development is compliance with legal regulations, including special requirements related to environmental protection.


In all our activities, in addition to concentrating on the customers' requirements we endeavour to reduce the negative impact of our activities on the environment. This is reflected by our investments in the best available technologies.


All persons working in the company are committed to quality, safety and environmental protection.


We require all employees to:

·       focus on meeting the customer's needs and requirements,

·       commit to work on improving the quality of the provided services,

·       comply with legal and other requirements, including those relating to environmental protection, which apply to the Company Group

·       follow established patterns of behaviour and create new patterns that minimise the risk of health, environmental and quality problems,

·       comply with the applicable Code of Ethics.


As an organisation, we make commitments to:

·       continuously introduce innovations leading to the prevention of accidents, environmental pollution, including air pollution, and reduced water consumption,

·       continuously monitor water, gas and electricity consumption,

·       continuously improve our offer,

·       continuously improve safety, quality and environmental protection.


At least once a year we set specific measurable safety, quality and environmental objectives and tasks.