ISO Policy


The purpose of activity of the group of "Delta Trans" companies is to provide Customers with comprehensive logistic services along with the cargo safety guarantee.

Thanks to continuous investment in technical solutions, staff trainings and broadening of service offer, our company aims at full satisfaction of our Customer's needs and maintenance of a high rank among enterprises with similar profile of activity.

One of fundamental principles ensuring a stable and long-term development is the observance of legal provisions including specific requirements associated with environmental protection, agreements and international conventions affecting logistic activity.

Our company, aside form focusing on Customer's requirements, constantly strives for reducing the level of negative effect of our activities on the natural environment. This striving is reflected in our investments in the best available technologies.

All employees are involved in quality, safety and environmental protection. This commitment is constantly supported by effecting the BBS program (Behaviour Based Safety).

Our employees are obliged to:

As an organization, we undertake to:

At least once a year, we establish specific, measurable purposes and tasks concerning safety, quality and the environment.