The Delta Trans Group is one of the biggest logistics providers in Poland. Throughout 30 years of its activity the Company has significantly expanded its offer and now it provides comprehensive logistic services.

Delta Trans started its activity in 1989. At first, the company focused on international transport. However, in just a few years it expanded its offer by new services, which allowed it to gain a stable position in the market. The systematic development of the company and emphasis on the quality of performed services helped Delta Trans to obtain in 1998 the first ISO 9002 certificate. At that time Delta had 30 customs agency offices in the entire Poland.

The accession of Poland to the European Union brought about major changes such as the reduction in the number of customs agency offices, the doubling of the fleet size and expansion of the scope of services. At that time trade accelerated rapidly and access of Polish service companies to Western European markets became easier During that period the company decided to create its own logistics and production centre. In 2006 Delta Trans already had at its disposal a well-developed warehouse infrastructure, a fleet of over 300 vehicles and modern IT systems for fleet and logistics management. In the next year a high-bay warehouse was commissioned, which increased warehouse space to more than 40 thousand square metres. This investment was an answer to the dynamic development of logistics outsourcing services, including co-production, co-packing and other value-added services provided by Delta. The company’s seat was moved from Chorzów to Świętochłowice. In connection with the expansion of the production service range, in 2012 fusion welding works were added to the already extensive offer of services. The steel construction department was certified in accordance with EN ISO 3843-3, and a year later it obtained the SLV certificate as per the 1090-1 standard. Furthermore, the company received the AEO certificate in connection with customs simplifications, which helped to significantly shorten the service time. The development of transport services led to the establishment of another company, which joined the Delta Trans Group in 2013, and to the opening of a new customs agency office in the International Airport in Pyrzowice.

Currently the Delta Trans Group has 7 offices located in the southern and eastern Poland. The group has at its disposal over 100 thousand square metres of modern storage areas and production halls in the logistics centre in Świętochłowice. The company’s fleet consists of almost 400 vehicles and its customers include some of the biggest international automotive concerns. The company is one of the leading logistics providers in Poland and is one of the few firms which, by using its technical and intellectual resources, provided services exactly tailored to the customer’s needs based on the one stop shopping model.