Steel constructions

The scope of services rendered by the Delta Trans Group‘s Steel Construction Department also includes erecting building structures, including umbrella roofs and halls.

We specialize in the production of light steel structures, industrial buildings and other structures - in accordance with the requirements of the clients. Close co-operation with designing offices, experience in production and vast technological capabilities allow us to offer you high-quality steel structures while maintaining timely deliveries and ensuring competitive prices.

Professionalism of our staff has been confirmed by testimony Qualifying Welding Institute in Gliwice. According to the qualification of Welding Qualification Commission of Industrial Plant at lnstitute of Welding in Gliwice, Delta Trans obtained the right to carry out welding work in the construction, installation and repair of welded steel structures of class 1, 2 and 3, according to the PN-M-69008 and in particular containers , made ​​of non-alloy structural steel, low alloy steel, the following welding methods; - manual arc welding with coated electrodes (111) '- MAG solid wire electrode (135) - oxy-acetylene (31 1)

The advantageous location of the Delta Trans Steel Construction Department, relative to seats of our main customers, allows us to quickly react to market needs. Furthermore, the fact that we can use our own fleet of more than 400 vehicles guarantees the delivery of appropriately priced goods with proper quality as well as cost synergy.

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Paweł Mazur
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