We have modern storage facilities (approx. 120 thousand m2) with the customs warehouse located in Świętochłowice and Chorzów

We provide the services of customs warehouse (area 400 m2) located in Świętochłowice -Lipiny which is adapted to high storage of goods and a modern customs warehouse in Chorzów with full technical and cargo handling equipment.

In our logistics center in Swietochlowice-Lipiny, we provide logistic services adjusted to the needs and expectations of customers. We offer customers our own universal warehouses equipped with pallet racks, along with the management of deliveries in connection with goods distribution and supply processes.

There is also a possibility to integrate the warehouse management system with a customer's system, enabling a faster and more accurate data exchange and permanent access to the current storage status.

The scope of services packet includes, inter alia:

Warehouse location

Customs warehause 
41-506 Chorzów
ul. Gałeczki 61

Warehouses and bounded store
41-605 Świętochłowice
ul. Chorzowska 134 B

Logistics Warehouse
41-700 Ruda Śląska, ul. Szyb Walenty 91

For any other information concerning warehousing please contact:
tel.:+48 601 485 562
e-mail: p.rzepka@deltatrans.pl