Delta Trans Group offers assembly and disassembly services, the aim of which is to take over the production and logistic functions from the Customers by implementation of extensive and specialized solutions tailored to our Customers’ expectations.

Delta Trans Group provides high quality assembly and disassembly production services, based on own warehouse and qualified staff. Years of experience in handling the most demanding industries and a high level of technical competence enables us to operate assembly-production tailored to customer requirements.

Over several years we have completed include the following projects:

For servicing each project, the Company ensures:

The Location of the Logistic Centre makes it a particularly convenient place for situating the production and distribution, encompassing with its range, most of all, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany and Baltic countries. It is worth mentioning that Delta Trans Group provides comprehensive transporting services in the territory of Poland and the whole Europe.

The benefits acquired by our Customers as a result of entrusting Delta Trans Group with selected production and logistic functions are as follows:

We ensure project execution beginning from consultancy to implementation, and continuous improvement of the process in the scope of individual services.

Delta Trans Group in numbers:

mobile: +48 601 485 562