OHS/ Fire Safety Policy




The Delta Trans Company Group is committed to the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety and fire protection measures to ensure safe organisation of work for all its employees, partners and other persons present on the company’s premises.


Bearing in mind the responsibility for the health and life of the above-mentioned persons, we undertake to pursue the following objectives:


·      to comply with legal requirements,

·      to constantly improve occupational health and safety / fire safety conditions,

·      to continuously improve occupational health and safety / fire safety measures,

·      to prevent accidents at work, occupational diseases and fires,

·      to shape and develop the awareness of the management and all employees,

·      to improve employees' qualifications through training in occupational health and safety and fire safety,

·      to eliminate or reduce occupational risks at all workstations,

·      to carry out preventive actions to prevent industrial accidents,

·      to identify and monitor hazards and minimise risks.


We achieve these goals by means of:


·      ongoing analysis of occupational health and safety/fire safety regulations,

·      creation and updates of OHS / fire safety instructions and procedures,

·      identification of accident hazards and fire hazards, analysis of their circumstances and causes,

·      regular testing for harmful factors in the work environment and taking preventive actions based on conclusions drawn from them, e.g. by creating organisational and technical programmes,

·      cyclic occupational risk assessment at individual workstations,

·      equipping workers with the necessary personal protective equipment, clothing and work shoes,

·      training employees to improve their qualifications, awareness and understanding of the importance of OHS / fire safety in work processes,

·      modernisation of manufacturing processes,

·      modernisation of rooms and workstations,

·      ongoing control of the OHS / fire safety conditions based on the internal control system.

·      regular infrastructure inspections according to a schedule,

·      regular evacuation drills


The Delta Trans Company Group provides technical and financial resources for the implementation of the above-mentioned objectives.